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Challenger Middle School Band

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Dear Student and Parent,

We are approaching the time of year when our new band students begin their instrumental music experience.  It is very important that each student has everything they need to start the class.  We will begin to play on September 10.  Your son or daughter will need all the items listed below on this date.  They need your help and support as they begin their musical experience.


I will be providing forms from a variety of music stores for you to consider.  Please consider all the same things you would when you make any purchase.  Reliability, service, long term cost, not only monthly payments, stores past history and the students needs.  The first few weeks of playing are very important. I have spoken to your son/daughter concerning the models etc. that you should consider purchasing.  An instrument, which does not work well or is always being repaired, makes this job very difficult.  Renting an instrument is the best way to begin.


                    Each student needs to have the following:

                     1. Standard of excellence Book I

                     2. Pocket folder, paper and pencil

                     3. Instrument (as decided by our work at school), including reeds, mouthpiece   

                         and care items                                                  

As each student begins their musical experience it is of utmost importance that they practice at leads 15 to 30 minutes every night.  If they are having trouble they may set a time with the director for extra help.

I am looking forward to meeting you and working with yours son/daughter.  If you have any question, please contact me at 242-4341.


Dear Potential Band Students and Parents,


Our Instrumental music program at Challenger Middle School consists of Beginning, Jazz and Concert bands. The beginning band class is designed for students with little or no background in the area of reading music and/or playing an instrument.  This class will concentrate on music fundamentals such as note reading, basic rhythmic patterns and instrumental technique. Each student will learn to perform with a good tone quality on the instrument selected.


Obtaining an instrument band is your obligation (except for the bigger brass and/or woodwind instrument) and this can be accomplished in number of different ways. The best instruments (and best values) are available at your local music stores (Wal-Mart instruments should not be purchased). This is because the instruments they rent are new (or almost) and insurance is offered to pay for repairs, if needed. Used instruments can, of course, be used, but they can break and repairs are costly.  To protect your investment, if you are considering purchasing a used instrument, let me inspect it and approve it first.  We will choose specific instrument in the fall based on each trying a number of instruments. I will make sure that each student picks an instrument based on their desires, physical requirements and the overall needs of our band program.


I urgently request you not to go out and rent any instrument for your son/daughter until after we try out the instruments.  Students will receive information on what they need and forms from music stores for you to select from. Although some students have had previous musical background, waiting to rent will allow all students to start from the beginning. Many students who rent early are found to lose interest through a lack of professional guidance. It is essential for our program and the musical future of your son/daughter that we all begin at the same time.



To join band, I will need you to fill out the application, and return it to CMS ASAP.


Thank you for your interest in our band program at CMS.  We are looking forward to meeting you.





Craig Daniels

Band Director


___Yes. I want to be a member of the beginning band program at CMS.


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