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Here we will list upcoming activities. We'll update this page frequently, so it's a good idea to check back often.



If coming from I-75, turn east on Exit 22 (Colonial Blvd.) Travel 5 miles to Gunnery Rd. Turn left on Gunnery Rd. Lehigh is on the left (take the second entrance).

      FBA Concert Band Festival

We hope that you will attend all of these events with your son/daughter.  Our success at these performances will depend on every band member's participation.  We will need your help at these events.  The following is a list of general information to help you prepare for these events.

The students are making great progress in preparing for these festivals.  Please see that your son/daughter is prepared for these events.  Feel free to call with any questions or concerns.


A. Pre -Festival Concert March 17

   Location:  Cape Coral High School

   Times: 6:00-7:00pm

   Note: Dress - casual

B. FBA Concert March 26

    Location: Lehigh High School

    Times:    A. 3/26/09 – Wind Ensemble FBA Festival

1. Depart  - 11:45am

2. Perform -2:00 pm

                                                   3.    Return - 5:00 pm


    Note: All students must wear concert attire. These are mandatory performances for all Band Members.


Florida Bandmasters Association


(For the 7th and 8th grade All-State Band – auditioning in September of 2008 for the January 2009 FMEA Conference)

1. All-State Middle School Band membership rules and regulations:

a) The student must be in the seventh or eighth grade.

All-State Middle School Band Audition Requirements for Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion:


b) A chromatic scale covering the range for their instrument (as given in the All-State Middle School Audition Requirements.) The scale will be performed in even eighth notes at a minimum tempo of MM quarter note = 144. The scale will be tongued ascending and slurred descending where

applicable. Scale is to be memorized.

c) Seven major scales, (in 2 minutes or less) from memory, complete with arpeggios, at a minimum tempo of MM quarter note = 120. Scales are to be performed a minimum of 2 octaves where possible. Students who wish to play a 3rd octave may do so. All scales must be performed within the allotted time frame. Scales must be performed in complete octaves. The scale pattern is . The arpeggio pattern is . The scales are to be tongued ascending and slurred descending where applicable. The student will be asked to perform scales in their transposed form.

Scales will be performed in the following order, starting with the concert key of: G, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, & Db.

d) A short sight-reading exercise(s) to demonstrate the student’s reading ability. The student will have thirty seconds to study the piece before playing it.

(Percussionists must audition on snare, xylophone, and timpani. Sight-reading will be required in all areas.)

2009 All-State Middle School Band Prepared Exercises

(7th and 8th grade)

All exercises are from the Rubank Advanced Method, Volume I, except Percussion

Piccolo; Chromatic: 2 octaves from Eb (use flute book)

Exercise page 27, #8; Meas. 1- 18; no repeats; top; eighth note = 126.

All Piccolo students MUST also audition on Flute. Their Flute audition will

determine membership in the band and the Piccolo double will be determined by the

Piccolo audition. The Piccolo audition will contain the chromatic scale and the

above exercise – no other scales and no sight-reading.

Horn in F; Chromatic: 2 octaves from F

Lyrical Exercise: pg. 41, #26; all; top; quarter=90.

Technical Exercise: pg. 59, #34; all; quarter-138.

Flute; Chromatic: 3 octaves from C

Lyrical Exercise: pg. 35; #15; top, measure 1-22; quarter note = 72.

Technical Exercise: pg. 53; #22; all; quarter note = 160.

Trombone, Euphonium BC; Chrom.: 2 octaves from F

Lyrical Exercise: pg. 35; #19; all, top line; eighth note = 96.

Technical Exercise: pg. 51; #7; all, no repeats, no DC; dotted quarter = 100.

Oboe; Chromatic: 2 octaves from C

Lyrical Exercise: pg. 34, #17, top, all, no repeat, quarter note=84.

Technical Exercise: p. 46, #6. All, no repeat – dotted quarter=112.

Euphonium TC; Chromatic: 2 octaves from G

(use trumpet book)

Lyrical Exercise: p. 48, #9. All, quarter=80.

Technical Exercise: p. 38, #22. Beginning to m.31 plus 1 note, quarter=120.

Bassoon; Chromatic: 2 octaves from F

Lyrical Exercise: pg. 21, #4; top, all, no repeats; dotted quarter = 60.

Technical Exercise: pg 37, #23; top, all, no repeats; half note = 104.

Tuba; Chromatic: 2 octaves from F

Lyrical Exercise: pg. 27; #3; meas.1 to 15 + one note; quarter note = 72.

Technical Exercise: pg. 49; #13; all; quarter note = 68.

Bb Clarinet; Chromatic: 3 octaves from E

Lyrical Exercise: pg. 32; #11; top, m. 1-15 + one note, no repeats; eighth=108.

Technical Exercise: pg. 52; #12; all; dotted quarter = 92.

Bass & Eb Contra Alto Clarinet; (use clarinet book)

Chromatic: 2 octaves from E

Lyrical Exercise: pg. 42, #19; bottom, beginning to measure 22; quarter=60.

Technical Exercise: page 57, #27; all; quarter note = 88.

Alto, Tenor, and Bari Saxophone;

Chromatic: 2 octaves from C

Lyrical Exercise: pg. 36, #20; meas. 1-15 + one note; quarter=88.

Technical Exercise: pg. 49, #16; all; eighth=172.

Trumpet; Chromatic: 2 octaves from G

Lyrical: P. 28, #13, top, beginning to measure 15 plus 1 note, quarter note= 84.

Technical: P.51, #18, all, half note= 80.

Percussion; Percussionists must audition and sight read in all three areas.

Xylophone; Chromatic: 2 octaves from Bb

Exercise: p. 26, play pick-up to measure 9 through downbeat of measure 44,

dotted quarter note = 70.

Masterworks for Mallets, trans. by Beth Gottlieb

Publisher: Row-Loff


Exercise: p. 29, #17, play beginning to count 5 of measure 24

Intermediate Snare Drum Studies by Mitchell Peters

Publisher: Mitchell Peters


Etude 9: download from



                             Solo Entry Form



Title of Composition_______________________

FBA Number______________


Accompanist Name_______________________________

Please indicate if you need a certain day or time. We can only try to accommodate these special circumstances. Fri.______  Sat.________Time________

            I understand that upon this event, it is a requirement that I perform at the festival, unless this event is canceled with the permission of the band director. Students will be responsible for paying their piano player. The fee for entry into this event is $ 5.00.  I understand that if I commit, I MUST perform.  Money is due with this form on the first day of the second week of November.

Student Signature______________________________________Date____________

Parent Signature_______________________________________Date____________

*Please Note*

The date of this performance is the first week of February.  The school will not supply transportation to the event. 

August 2007

We encourage parent involvement in all school activities!