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September 2008

Notes From the Director

We have off to a good start this year.  Thank you for returning the forms and fees.  If you have not yet returned those items please do so ASAP so you won’t miss out on any events this year.

We are still in a building mode. There are things which last year’s students missed out on due to my absence.  I am trying to do the new things with the old.  Students must realize that it can feel overwhelming at times. Not to worry we will all get there together.  If students need extra help I have a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the band room.

Beginning band students may feel the same way. There is a lot of information to take in at first. Students must understand that they are learning something that can and will take a lifetime to learn. As long as they keep up with each step they will do fine. Students MUST NOT be in a hurry. Learning to play takes time. After we play a week or two these students may also sign up for extra help if needed.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns and don’t forget to check out our web site at to keep up with dates and events.

Thank you,

C. Daniels                                                                


                                                        Why Teach Music?                        

Music is a science. It is basically a graph that indicates frequencies, volume melody, and harmony all at once, with the most exact control time. Music is also mathematical. It is rhythmically based on the subdivisions of time into fractions. Which of course must be done intentionally, not worked out on paper.

Music is a foreign language. Most of the terms such as: fine, fermata, etc.; are in French, German, or Italian. It is certainly not in English, but a highly developed kind of shorthand that uses symbols to represent ideas of what these words mean. Finally music has a history, it is a reflection of the

environment and at times of its creation usually even in the country and/or certain feelings.

Notes From the Editor

 Hello, my name is Natalia Izquierdo, French horn player, and the new editor of the Challenger Middle School Band newsletter! I am so excited with how many students are taking an interest in band this year. There are so many beginners and many more experienced musicians than last year. I hope that everyone will participate in all the fundraisers and events we are doing this year. Mr. Daniels is a great band teacher and is very involved in what he teaches. The beginners will learn so much from him, and I know all the experienced musicians will learn even more this year.


Natalia Izquierdo


Calendar for This Month

September- October 2008

 October 9- Fall Concert                                          
October 13- Cookie Dough Sale Begins                  
October 21- All-County Auditions (Ft. Myers Middle School)                                                       
  October 27- Cookie Dough Sale Ends  
For the year long calendar 

What You Need To Know

The beginning band students are about to begin their musical experience. It takes time and lots of patience.


Comments From Students:

“I love playing the flute and I am very glad                      Mr. Daniels is back this year”

                                                -Toni S.

“Band is fun and Cool!”

                                                Sabriba L.


I think being in band is a chance for everyone to learn about the arts and express yourself.

                                                Jazim T.


Band is fun!!

                                             Matthew W.


I like band so much I have two periods of it!!

                                                Riley P.

Instrument Care


Instruments will last a life time, if they are properly cared for. Students need to have the care items for their instrument and use them everyday.

For students who are using school instruments this is especially important.  These instruments must be used at Challenger for many years to come.

It is very important that each instrument receives some sort of care each and every day.

Basic care items:

Flutes - Cleaning rod and cloth

Oboe/Bassoon – Reeds (water prep), swab, cork grease

Clarinet/Saxophone –reeds, swab, cork grease


Brass - Valve oil, Trombone slide cream (for all brass instruments)

Trombone – small spray bottle